About Us

We're on a mission to change how trade workers and employers find a perfect match

Created to be different

Tradeworthy Jobs was created to be different than other job seeking apps. We recognized the rising need for skilled trade workers to fill the void of steadily increasing labor positions and we have set out to create a platform that will allow employers to help fill that gap. We also see the need to provide unemployed or underemployed individuals with an employment opportunity but also with an opportunity to grow their skill set and increase their personal value. Tradeworthy Jobs helps you find the perfect job to match your skills or the perfect employee to match your needs.

Brittany Bainum

Founder/Tradeworthy Jobs
With 15+ years in the employment/construction industry Brittany is on a mission to change how trade workers get matched with their best career opportunity. Tradeworthy Jobs is different from other apps on the market since employers are looking for YOU! Skilled trades are in demand and this new app puts you in the spotlight.

"Few people today realize the growing need for trade skilled labor and the amazing opportunity presenting itself for individuals who have a trade skill or are willing to learn a new trade skill."

We Are Tradeworthy

Tradeworthy Jobs was built to be different. We see the need for skilled laborers to fill today's growing number of openings and our goal is to make your workforce better one person at a time.
tradeworthy jobs
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