High-Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in High Demand

There is a greater demand than ever for workers who are willing to transition to high-demand careers, like high-paying skilled trade jobs. Let’s take a look at some of these fields that drive demand for fleet vehicle financing.

#1: Construction Managers

The median salary for a construction manager is $93,370! That’s some good money, right? It’s well deserved. Construction managers are responsible for nearly every aspect of a given building project and often need fleet vehicles to transport their materials, tools and supplies.

They have to ensure projects are completed on time, according to specifications, and on budget.

Even more, they are many times responsible for:

  • Overseeing the negotiation of a quality contract for a construction project
  • Ensuring they are properly staffed to complete a building project
  • Checking to be sure that the proper materials have been ordered
  • Addressing safety concerns properly
  • Correctly completing the building project

#2: Elevator Installers and Repairers

This position makes an average of $79,780 a year and are in high demand! Knowing that elevators are human transport systems that can pull riders hundreds or thousands of feet in the air give some credibility to the pay range of these skilled workers.

Work conditions can also be challenging for elevator installers & repair tradesmen. They have to crawl into cramped spaces or deal with great heights. With that said, elevator work is one of the most lucrative trades you can find.

These guys finance fleet vehicles to carry their tools and materials to jobs.

#3: Landscape Architect

Who knew?!? Landscape architects get paid an average of $68,230 a year!

Landscape architects design, develop, and maintain attractive and functional outdoor spaces. Jobs may be as small as residential home yards and as large as college campuses and large city parks.

These professionals may also be employed by large organizations, governmental organizations, private architecture firms, or work for their own businesses.

These tradesmen purchase box trucks and light / medium duty vehicles to carry their tools, plants and other materials needed for their jobs.

#4: Pile Drive Operators

Pile drive operators bring in an annual average of $63,770 in 2020!

While the role of a pile driver is very specific, their role is needed for a wide range of construction projects, which include operating massive machines that drive large pillars into the earth to serve as reinforcement or as a part of the foundation of piers, bridges, buildings, and many other types of construction projects.

That’s pretty important stuff, because it means the safety of human life, not to mention the long-term sustainability of expensive real estate.

There is a very high national demand for pile drivers. California, for example, has just about 500 pile drivers in the whole state. The top 10% of workers make over $100,000 a year based on the latest surveys.

#5: Electricians

Electricians earn an average of $55,190 a year and have been some of the most demanded tradesmen for the last century.

Even with the many advancements in devices, appliances and electrical systems in homes and buildings, electricians have only gained more demand because all these items need maintenance and repair.

There you have it. These and many other fields will continue to grow in demand and pay in 2020 and beyond.