Manpower lists skilled trades as the hardest role to fill

In a recent study published by Manpower, they found that more employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs. Forty-five percent say they can’t find the skills they need, and for large organizations (250+ employees) it’s even higher, with 67% reporting talent shortages in 2018. You can download the full infographic from Manpower here.

Every industry is impacted. From manufacturing to mining, transport to trade, employers cannot find the people they need with the right blend of technical skills and human strengths. Keeping pace in this Skills Revolution demands faster, more targeted upskilling and talent management than ever before. It’s time for a new approach to the big talent problem: it’s time to build, buy, borrow and bridge to ensure we have the in-demand skills for today and tomorrow.

At Tradeworthy Jobs we aim to help fill the skilled trade gap by matching employers with the skilled laborers that they need. Don't have a skill yet? That doesn't seem to be a problem in today's job market as many employers are willing to train due to the high demand of skilled laborers and the low availability.

So whether you are looking to out your skills to use or are interested on learning something new, download the Tradeworthy Jobs app, complete your profile and get started today.

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