Rising Demand of Trade Jobs

While it may be difficult to predict the future, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (which pulls information from State & Local sources to determine long and short term employment data) provides information allowing hiring managers and job seekers the ability to make educated decisions about what positions will be in demand.

But specifically which jobs are going to be in high demand? We've identified seven skilled trade careers below that are projected to have moderate to significant growth by the year 2024.

Projected Skilled Trade Job Increase by 2024

Construction Laborers - projected increase by 2024 - 2.7%

Helpers-Electricians - projected increase by 2024 - 18%

Structural Iron and Steel Workers - projected increase by 2024 - 4.5%

Pipelayers - projected increase by 2024 - 11.4%

Millwrights - projected increase by 2024 - 15.2%

Helpers-Carpenters - projected increase by 2024 - 7.5%

Solar Photovoltaic Installers - projected increase by 2024 - 24.3%

Why the Rising Demand?

There is no doubt that the demand for skilled trade workers is and will continue to be on the rise, but why? Besides the push for high school students to pursue a 4-year college degree, there seems to be a misconception of what a trade career actually is. By population, there are enough people capable of moving into skilled trade career to close the gap, but quite simply people are not willing to do the work. Students are presented with the misconception that skilled labor jobs do not earn as much as a career path that results from a traditional college degree, but with the high demand for skilled laborers, this is just not the case. The projected growth in the U.S. for building infrastructure makes trade work more sustainable and that need for work that requires a physical presence has an advantage over positions like computer programming or information economy work, which can be more easily given to remote workers or even outsourced to overseas workers. 

Where Do I Start?

Whether you have experience in any of these skilled trade areas or are looking to expand your current skill set, finding a career in a trade filed is definitely the right choice for you. Tradewothy Jobs can help you along the way, simply download our mobile application today, set up your profile and let us match you with the perfect employer today.

We Are Tradeworthy

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