Summer Jobs in Skilled Trades

School is almost out and it's time for students to start looking for summer jobs. When choosing your job for the summer why not opt for something that will help you learn a new trade and possibly lead to a lifelong career? Here is our list of top summer jobs that will help you develop new skills in the trade industry: 

1. Construction Cleanup - Construction sites are always in need of people to help clean up after the construction is complete. This can be a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a summer job. Sites will generally pay workers by the hour and variable schedules are usually available, so someone looking to make some extra money during the summer may be a good fit.

2. Landscaping - Many landscaping companies hire temporary help during the summer months.  A summer position in landscaping can lead to a variety of opportunities, such as masonry, landscaping architecture, orchard work, and more. By learning the basics of landscaping, you can increase your chances of finding a job that suits your skills and preferences.

3. Painting - Painting companies are often willing to hire summer help as the summer months are their busiest time of the year. Learning a new skill in painting can help you land a job after school or during the summer. Painting companies often offer full or part-time hours to students who are interested in learning new skills.

4. Summer Internships in the trade industry – Many companies offer summer internships in their offices, factories, distribution centers or even in the field on job sies. This gives you the opportunity to learn about the trade from the ground up and see how the industry works from the inside.

Looking to expand your skills beynd just a temporary summer job? You may want to look into one of Ohio's many hands on summer camps where you can learn skills that will last you a lifetime. Here's a list of just a few of the camps available this summer.




There's no doubt that summer can be a great time to learn new skills and earn some good money. In fact, some summer jobs offer excellent pay and benefits, such as learning a new skill or possibly finding your career path. If you are looking for more information contact your career or guidance counselor today. 

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